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10 Ideas For How To NOT Let Covid-19 Take The Fun Out of Halloween 2020


Halloween is the absolute favorite holiday of most American children.  Unfortunately, many of our Halloween traditions do not lend themselves to Covid-19 safe practices.  The 10 Halloween activities below are listed from lower to higher risk in accordance with CDC Guidelines.



  1. Pumpkin Carving and/or Painting
    • Carve and/or paint pumpkins with members of your household and display them for your neighbors.
    • Have a Virtual Jack- o’-lantern Zoom Party with family and friends; vote on favorites via the zoom chat feature such as scariest, cutest, and funniest.
    • Have an Outdoor Pumpkin Carving Party with friends and neighbors at a safe distance. Display the pumpkins at the end of your driveway.
  2. Halloween Costume Contest
    • Have a Virtual Halloween Costume Contest with family and friends, vote on favorites via the zoom chat feature.
    • Have a Socially Distant Bicycle Halloween Costume Parade with neighbors and friends, riding by a Judge or panel of socially distant Judges.
  3. Scavenger Hunt
    • Provide a checklist of previously hidden Halloween themed items to be searched for throughout your home and property.
    • Have a Virtual Scavenger Hunt with friends and family. The first family to find all items on the scavenger list wins.  The scavenger list can be generalized items found in most homes (such as a whisk, sunglasses, and dictionary) or previously coordinated and hidden Halloween themed items (such as a plastic spider, mini pumpkin, and skeleton).
  4. Halloween Themed Cooking
    • There are many wonderful Halloween Themed Cooking Ideas including decorated sugar cookies, eyeball cake pops, pizzas decorated like Jack-o-lanterns, and decorated candied and caramel apples.


  1. Grab and Go Trick-or-Treating 
    • Set up a decorated table at the end of your driveway and have prepared bags or plastic cups of candy that can be picked up by trick-or-treaters. Make sure that proper handwashing is observed while assembling treats.  It is important to require social distancing and mask-wearing.
  2. Outdoor Movie Night
    • Have an outdoor Halloween themed movie night for friends and family using a projector and a hanging bedsheet.  Social distancing and mask-wearing is strongly advised.  It the movie is likely to encourage screaming, the social distancing should be greater than 6 feet.
  3. Visiting an Outdoor Pumpkin Patch and/or Apple Orchard
    • This type of outdoor activity can be moderately safe so long as social distancing and mask-wearing are required, and hand sanitizer is used by all patrons.


  1. Traditional Trick or Treating
    • Make sure to check local guidelines. Some areas may be prohibiting traditional trick or treating. Social distancing and mask-wearing is strongly advised.
  2. Trunk or Treat
    • Meet friends and neighbors in a large parking lot. Provide prepared bags or plastic cups of candy to trick or treaters from decorated trunks and tailgates.  Make sure that proper handwashing is observed while assembling treats.   Social distancing and mask-wearing are strongly advised.
  1. Hay Rides
  • It is important to use hand sanitizer. Social distancing, if possible, and mask-wearing is strongly advised.


  1. Super-hero doctor
    • A typical lab coat (and of course, a mask), but with the cape and suit of your favorite superhero. A cute, fun way to stay safe while honoring our front line workers.
  2. Ghost Face (Scream)
    • A classic Halloween costume that includes a mask by default.
  3. Plague Doctor
    • Plague doctor masks are a fun and safe twist on our protective masks. A cool Spooky way to keep safe.


  • While staying safe from Covid-19 with a spooky mask is fun, you must also stay safe from tripping and falling.
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