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Tag Archives: pandemic

The Divorce Pandemic and Hope for 2021

By Weinberg & Schwartz, L.L.C. |

No one will dispute that this is probably one of the hardest years in decades.  It’s not that there haven’t been tough years in the past, it is just in most of our lifetimes, this year has been grueling.  It is tough partly because we miss our lives: hugs & affection, our friends, having… Read More »

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10 Ideas For How To NOT Let Covid-19 Take The Fun Out of Halloween 2020

By Weinberg & Schwartz, L.L.C. |

Halloween is the absolute favorite holiday of most American children.  Unfortunately, many of our Halloween traditions do not lend themselves to Covid-19 safe practices.  The 10 Halloween activities below are listed from lower to higher risk in accordance with CDC Guidelines.   LOW RISK Pumpkin Carving and/or Painting Carve and/or paint pumpkins with members… Read More »

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