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A court order has a certain weighty finality to it, yet most family court orders can be modified  if either party has a material (financial) change in circumstances. The change could be a job loss, a medical diagnosis that incurs additional costs for themselves or the child, an inheritance, a promotion, or any other life circumstance that has an impact on child support, alimony, or child custody. Here at Weinberg & Schwartz, L.L.C. our Maple Lawn modifications and contempt lawyers can assist clients by petitioning the court to make modifications, fighting modifications attempted by the other party, and handling contempt issues such as non-payment of child support.

Modification of Orders

  • Child Support—If a child becomes sick, a parent loses his or her job, or a custodial parent receives a large inheritance, a child support order may be modified to accurately represent the current circumstances all of the parties are dealing with. Anytime a material change in circumstance occurs, one of the parents can petition the court for more child support, or to pay less child support.
  • Child Custody and Visitation—Just like incomes change, so too does a parent’s ability to care for their child. A parent can petition the court to revoke the other parent’s custody or visitation rights. Or, a parent can petition the court to modify the existing custody order to gain more parenting rights of their own. Modification can also occur if a custodial parent chooses to move out of state with their child.
  • Alimony—Either spouse can petition the court to increase or decrease alimony based on material changes in circumstance. Permanent alimony can be modified, as well as other types of alimony, unless modification is expressly ruled out as part of the divorce.
  • Protective Orders and Peace Orders—Protection orders can also be modified to further increase protection for the victim, or be reduced as the situation calls for.

Enforcement of Child Support and Other Court Orders

If a parent or ex-spouse violates an order by not paying child support or alimony, or violating the parenting plan or their visitation, you can hold them accountable. For example, a non-paying parent’s earnings can be held by their employer under § 10-133. Other disciplinary actions can be used to get a non-paying parent to pay for their child’s needs, such as revoking their driver’s license, professional license, or passport. Violating alimony, protective orders, and child custody or visitation also carry serious implications, and we can help you hold the wrongdoer accountable. For example, it is unlawful, and considered child abduction, to take or harbor a child under the age of 16 for more than 48 hours, under § 9–304.

Contact a Maple Lawn Modifications & Contempt Attorney Today

Have you experienced a material change in circumstances? Has the other party, or your child? If so, we can help. Here at Weinberg & Schwartz, L.L.C., we handle all types of modification and contempt matters. Let us help you by discussing your case today at 410-997-0203 at no charge.

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