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Fulton Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic abuse has been allowed to run rampant in our patriarchal society for generations. One in four women experience physical violence at the hand of a domestic partner at some point in their lives, according to the CDC, and one in three experience rape by an intimate partner at some point in their lives. These statistics are truly horrifying, yet each individual case speaks even louder. We understand that your very life is at risk, and will get to work as soon as possible in order to provide you with the protection you need. Our Fulton domestic violence lawyers at Weinberg & Schwartz, L.L.C. can help you break free from the cycle of abuse by petitioning the court for a restraining order against the abusive party, allowing you space and safety to make your next moves in life.

Petition the Court for a Protective Order

Protective orders and extreme risk protective orders can accomplish more than you may realize. While the order is merely words on paper, studies have proven that protective orders can make a real difference in the victim’s safety. Depending on the type of order issued, you may be able to:

  • Force the perpetrator to have no contact with you;
  • Enable the police to confiscate their firearms and ammunition;
  • Keep the abusive person away from your place of work, school, or house/apartment;
  • Force the individual to stop abusing, harassing, or threatening you; and
  • Force the abusive partner out of your home if you are married to them, or force them out if your name is on the lease or deed to the property.

If the abusive partner violates a protective order, they face going to jail. This is often enough of a deterrent to make the difference you need. Furthermore, if you are fighting for child custody and/or other divorce matters, such as division of marital assets, you may be able to receive a much more favorable court decision if your former partner’s abusive past is revealed.

Providing Much Needed Defense of Wrongly Accused Intimate Partners

Having a restraining order placed on you can seriously impact your life, career, relationship with your children, and future prospects. Here at Weinberg & Schwartz, L.L.C., we understand that an accusation does not equal proof of wrongdoing. Similarly, we know that just a very small percent of intimate partners are falsely accused. Research shows that false allegations of domestic and sexual violence happens in 5.9 percent or fewer cases. As such, we review each case closely, and only take on clients who we truly believe in, as well as those who are facing overly harsh penalties for the actions they may or may not have committed in the past.

Call Our Fulton Domestic Violence Attorneys at Once

Whether you are the victim of domestic violence or have been falsely accused of wrongdoing, you need to reach out for legal help. Our Fulton domestic violence attorneys at Weinberg & Schwartz, L.L.C. can hear your case today and get started at once. Call us today at 410-997-0203 to schedule a consultation.

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