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Ellicott City Family Litigation Lawyer

Weinberg & Schwartz, L.L.C., is one of Maryland’s most respected, widely known family law firms in the region. Our experience and reputation are paramount in family law cases that end up going to court. Many family attorneys have little to zero trial experience, and while litigation is rare in family law cases, your attorney needs to be prepared to argue your case in front of a judge. Our Ellicott City family litigation lawyers have handled complex cases with all types of diverse circumstances, and we are prepared to represent you right now.

The Five Four Family Law Disputes

  1. Marital Asset Division—39 percent of marriages end in divorce, according to Time. And one thing that virtually all divorces have in common is the division of assets. The division of marital assets requires that all property, and debt, acquired during the course of the marriage is subject to equitable, for fair, distribution between the two spouses. Of course, “fair” to one spouse may not seem that way to the other. If the couple cannot come to a resolution on their own, a judge will examine all of the relevant factors and arguments made by each party, and decide who gets what. Common disputes arise on assets involving pensions, retirement funds, the family home, other real property, debt, and legal fees.
  2. Child Custody—While studies have shown that, in most cases, children thrive the most when they spend relatively equal amounts of time with each parent, a judge may not end up making this decision. In fact, it is entirely possible that the judge sides with the other parent, and only allows you visitation time every other weekend. This scenario is most parents’ nightmare, which is why working with an experienced litigator is so important when there are children involved in the marriage.
  3. Parenting Plan—Like child custody, creating and sticking to a parenting plan can be a great challenge, especially when the other party has no serious interest in cooperating. If one of the parents, or both, are unwilling to communicate and compromise when it comes time to creating a parenting plan, or if one parent frequently violates the plan, litigation may be necessary.
  4. Alimony—Higher earning spouses often feel that they are the victims when it comes to alimony, while the receiving spouses often feel the same way when the higher earning spouse gets away with paying nothing, or very little. As such, alimony can be a point of contention in divorce that may require litigation to sort out.
  5. Child Support—Maryland has a precise way of calculating child support under § 12-204. However, some parents end up disagreeing with what they are asked to provide. Their income could be incorrectly tallied, or the other parent’s income. Maybe the other, non custodial, parent is hiding something, such as the true cost of their child’s childcare.

Contact an Ellicott City Family Litigation Attorney Today

Our Ellicott City family litigation attorneys have handled complex cases with all types of diverse circumstances, and we are prepared to represent you in and out of the courtroom on a wide matter of family law disputes, including dissolution of marriage, asset distribution, child support, child custody, alimony, domestic abuse and protection orders, prenuptial disputes, and more. Call Weinberg & Schwartz, L.L.C. today at 410-997-0203 to schedule a consultation.

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